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The Blue Show
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The Blue Show
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comedysportz teambuilding eventz . . .
comedysportz will help your team to:
  • Think quickly
  • React positively
  • Create Innovatively
  • Work together cohesively
Basic improv skills translate directly to the business world.

We offer on-your-feet training through laughter,
experiential learning at its best.

No lectures.
Have you ever been envious of the quick-thinking and creative skills of improvisational performers as they work together onstage?

The average audience member says, "Boy, I wish I could do that." Managers say, "Boy, I wish my team could do that."

The skills of comedy improvisation - - teamwork, trust, listening, focus, communication, overcoming obstacles, creative solutions to problems - - are directly applicable to the corporate world. We teach these skills in our workshops and help participants apply them to their workplace in a way that is fresh, playful and FUN

Improvisors work without a script. They succeed by taking risks, thinking fast, saying yes, being spontaneous and working as a team.

Your team can do that and ComedySportz can show them how. The stresses and inhibitions your employees face when dealing with customers, making presentations and collaborating with co-workers are no different than the fears a ComedySportz actlete conquers by using improv skills.

Whether it’s creative thinking, public speaking, fostering group dynamics, acceptance of new ideas, or just learning to communicate more effectively – we can help!

The best part is, you will have a fun time together.

Let us help you to create the team environment you want to work in, by playing improv games while learning the crucial skills of communication, acceptance and teamwork.

Let's start thinking outside the cubicle!

Ballston Common Mall - 4238 Wilson Blvd - Arlington, VA
2 blocks from the Ballston / GMU metro stop
on the orange line

info@comedyindc.com . . .
7 0 3 . 2 9 4 . L A F F

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