8PM l $15 l PG
The Blue Show
10PM l $15 l R
CSz 4 Kidz *
3PM l $10 l PG
7:30PM l $15 l PG
The Blue Show
10PM l $15 l R

The O'Danny Girls have disbanded our 2011 lineup
to move on to other creative projects.

Daisy, DeeDee and Daphne would like to thank you all for your undeserved support and energy, which transformed our shows
from three broads in feathers hollering euphemisms into a raucous party full of the most fun people you could ever meet.

We are full of gratitude to the Maryland Renaissance Festival
for 10 years and 11 seasons of employment
and in particular Carolyn Spedden for helping us develop the show.

Please feel free to Facebook friend Daisy, DeeDee and Daphne
so that you can keep up with our daily neurosis
and individual projects.

We've had a blast over the past 10 years,
and we hope you all had half as much fun as we did!

Best ... Fans... Ever ...

~ Love & Spittle,
Daisy, DeeDee & Daphne

" ... a delightfully raunchy yet
cleverly PG-13 trio of singers ... "
- washingtonpost.com
the o'danny girls
are three very nice girls who sing very naughty songs.

contact us 
You can email us odannygirls@gmail.com
Join us on Facebook - to see more pix and video
We would like to apologize for what we have done to some rather lovely tunes, as over the years we have sung . . .
x x 7 Nights Drunk (with our own punchline)
x x A Hundred Lines Ago
(spoof of "A Hundred Years Ago")
x x All for a Snog
(spoof of "All for Me Grog")
x x Ball of Revel Grove
(spoof of "Ball of Balinour")
x x Blown & Torn (with our own verses)
x x Bold O'Donoghue (with our own verses)
x x Boat Song
(spoof of "Automobile Song")
x x Chandler's Shoppe
(with our own punchline)
x x Charlie, the Eunuch's Horn (spoof of "The Unicorn Song")
x x Coachman's Whip
(with our own verses)
x x Cuckoo's Nest
(with our own verses)
x x Daisy's Lament
(spoof of "Whiskey in the Jar")
x x Daphne's Diversion
(spoof of "Irish Rover")
x x DeeDee's Plea
(spoof of "Little Beggarman")
x x Do You Love an Apple?
(with our own verses)
x x Drummer Girl
x x Fairy Story
x x Fathom Her Bowl
(spoof of "Fathom the Bowl")
x x Henry's Royal Horn (spoof of "The Unicorn Song")
x x La Di Da
(with our own "touches")
x x Learn From O'Danny
(spoof of "Roll Your Leg Over")
x x Lusty Young Smith
(with our own verses)
x x Moose Song
(with our own verses)
x x Mother Ireland
(spoof of "Did Your Mother Come From Ireland?")
x x
No Jewels at All (with our own verses)

x x Oh, Danny Girls
(spoof of "Oh, Danny Boy")
x x
One Eyed Reilly(with our own verses)

x x Pheasant Plucker (with our own verses)
x x Rakes of Mallow (with our own verses)
x x Rising of the Moon (with our own lyrics)
x x
Rocky Road to Fumblin’ (spoof of "Rocky Road to Dublin')
x x Scallywag
(spoof of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy")
x x Spanish Lady (with our own verses)
x x Sweet Violets
(with our own verses)
x x Tell Your Pa
(spoof of "Tell Me Ma")
x x
The Little Man in the Boat(man) (spoof of "The Boatman")
x x Thing Be
(with our own verses)
x x Toora Looral
(spoof of "Irish Lullaby")
x x The Trooper
(with our own verses)
x x The Fugly Lass
(spoof of "Parting Glass")
x x Unhealthy Company
(spoof of "A Health to the Company")
x x Wild Mountin' Time
(spoof of "Wild Mountain Thyme")
x x Wild Rover
(with our own verses)
x x Willy Be Fair
(with our own verses)
photo courtesy of
James Barr
photo courtesy of Geren Mortensen
Ballston Common Mall - 4238 Wilson Blvd - Arlington, VA
2 blocks from the Ballston / GMU metro stop
on the orange line

info@comedyindc.com . . .
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