“Limited Dreamer” Making BIG Impact
By: Samuel Dearth

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a proven, results-driven national brand that delivers on its mission and can help deliver for our partners. ComedySportz Improv and the Northern Virginia Council of BBBSNCA developed a partnership in 2004 aimed at strengthening match relationships.

My wife Chris and I were looking for something fun to do with friends one Friday evening in early 2004. By chance we happened across an advertisement for ComedySportz Improv in the Washington Post and decided to give it a try.

For well over an hour we watched as two teams of performers competed for points and laughs in the fast paced improvisational comedy format. We laughed so much that evening and because the performance was “family friendly”, I approached the owner of ComedySportz Improv for the potential of partnering with the Northern Virginia Council of BBBSNCA.

She’s energetic, passionate, funny, charismatic, and caring. These are words I use to describe Liz Demery, the owner and creative director for ComedySportz Improv in Arlington, VA. Mindful of the need for children to have positive role models, Liz embraced the opportunity to support Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS).

A self described “limited dreamer”, Liz grew up in the small town of Millis, Massachusetts with no idea that she would some day run her own theatrical business.

“I always envisioned having a normal day job and pursuing my interests in theater during evenings and weekends”, said Demery.

Shortly after seeing a ComedySportz Improv show however, Liz began performing with the group. Not too long after that, she purchased the business.

As the business grew, so did the need for more space. The once 90-seat theater in Ballston Common Mall is expanding to 200 seats and a second theater is being developed for use by other theatrical groups.

With so much happening in building the business, no one would blame Liz for focusing on little else. Still, she manages to teach an after school theater class for Long Branch Elementary School and find time to support various BBBS initiatives.

In 2004, Liz Demery and ComedySportz Improv partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to offer free admission for kids when accompanied by their mentor. To date, more than twenty-five matches have taken advantage of this generous offer including Pat Hoar (Big Brother) and Tavon (Little Brother).

“Tavon and I went a few weeks back on a Friday evening and we had a blast”, said Pat. “Tavon particularly loved being able to interact with the players and the crowd - he got to go on stage which he thoroughly enjoyed! We spent a great night together.”

“I’m thrilled to support the dedicated mentors and wonderful kids involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters”, said Demery. “We all need positive role models and support throughout our lives.”

Proving that mentorship is not just for the young, Demery is quick to credit Allyson Jaffe, manager of DC Improv as her own informal role model and mentor. “Allyson is a great friend and advisor”, said Demery. "She has been incredibly supportive in all of my efforts with ComedySportz and offers sound, welcomed advice.”

The Northern Virginia Council for BBBSNCA wishes to thank Liz Demery for her role in strengthening our match relationships and looks forward to building on our partnership in future years.

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